Spin remote and why it just doesn’t work

So i ordered one of these gadgets, in the movies it all looks flashy and shiney. It does this too when all is connected and freshly installed. But as many home automation owners know, there is 1 thing a gadget must obey.. the WAF factor (Wife Acceptance Factor) so she comes into the kitchen and i tell her that it can do something with the speakers. She peaks it up and says its shiney. But it just blinks red, because the connection is cone on IOS (yet again) this is a known issue with ios but then don’t sell it as that good. Anyways, even when it is connected it takes some time to reconnect if it is in the background. If you click on it and it doesn’t respond straight away.. the misses will throw it out.

If the Wife clicks on “Print page” and she has to click on it 2x, maybe 3x she will just get upset. Same applies here. For Infrared devices it is a nice addition but the whole point is that you should be able to do more and without line of sight. I would rate this gadget as a 8 on design. A 1 on WAF factor. Useability a 3.

.. if it looks to good to be true, it usually is. (and yes i wrote this article out of frustration of trying to get it to work properly and it just didn’t)