Royal TS & Why i like it so much

Royal TS is an application which replaces the one that i used many years, Putty. Since i almost never reinstall my pc/mac/whatever i usually keep al my hosts in there. If you had to reinstall you would loose your settings unless you do some fancy registry or %appdata% stuff in order to maintain them. I no longer have that issue and also have a integrated scp with it too, something Putty also does not have.

Lets give an example use case, one i actually use it privately for. I have multiple clients which i administer there machines for, this could be any type of service (rdp/ssh/services) but mainly its just ssh for me (royal does support more, even vmware stuff) so you have a list of servers say 10 of them. But that is client A. You also have client B which has 15 servers. You do not want to combine these in 1 big document, you could.. but i just don’t like that. The client also has access to the servers and if he adds a server or i add a server we both have to update the document. So in this particular case i use dropbox and share it with the client. You can set a master password on that particular document. So to sum up my setup as example.

Customer A – 10 servers ssh (dropbox share customer A)
Customer B – 15 servers ssh (dropbox share customer B)
Customer C – 5 rdp servers? (dropbox share customer C)

And all these documents can be loaded all at once in royal ts. You can even save the credentials for all your logins per document. But it gets better, you can also have your own account on these servers, you don’t want the client to login under your account so you can even say that the credentials used will be from the parent. Your parent could be the root folder of all those documents and could be a credential called “Unix” Now we only have 1 more document to load in, which is our private one which holds all our private stuff (including Unix credential) and we have a complete separation of Customers and Passwords (with either encrypted or passworded files on top, in case you don’t trust dropbox)

And where to begin there? You have a complete plugin system, so there are even more options to go from. One to always get is also the file transfer plugin. Easily click on the plugin once connected with ssh and it will open up a file transfer window with the same credentials. Can’t get any easier right?

You want to just run a certain command, but you do it all the time? Make a sequence for it! You want to run the same command on all servers? Sure no problem. You want to just run command ad-hoc on all servers? No problem too.

Sure some tools out there have overlap, but since it comes for mac and windows and only costs a few bucks (yes i know putty is free, but development is pretty much stopped there) some do more, some have multi windows too (which it does fine too) but do they also have rdp? remote windows services? vmware remote? file transfer?

And another nice one is that you can save documents in “share” mode. That means if your working all in the office sharing 1 file and working on it, it will alert you to reload to document if someone saved something new. It will just add the data to the file so it will always be current for all.

I loved it so much, that i even wrote a API for it (you can host it on its own) which takes json and creates a document for you. But you should read the other post on that.

Any questions/remarks, feel free to ask.