Royal TS API Server

If you don’t know Royal TS, read my older post. on here you can find the API i created in order to create your own documents for royal ts. In large company’s (i work for one) you might be administrating multiple systems (rdp/ssh/whatever) and these days all is about automation and zero touch. Still things break down and if you have an application that has 40 servers you don’t want to add 40 servers to a royal document. So i automated the process. I just create my own custom json string (which can be seen in the readme, pretty straightforward and simple) and it will create a .rtsz file for you to use instantly with Royal TS itself. If you want to see it for yourself, or play around just go here:

Just paste your json in it, and click on the “Give me my document now thingy” 🙂

Just make sure the json is correct json format, otherwise it will break. But since all is automated on my end, there is not much breakage either. Find any issues? Feel free to point it out

Don’t want to use an API? But create your own little gadget? No problem either. The creation of the document is separated into a npm package. You can always check the API package for examples on how to make a document. This is only for node packages though. Have fun.