QR Codes ING Ideal payments?

Some background, the ING (bank) app can generate QR codes for payments. Let someone scan and no more typing that irritating long IBAN number.

Ever since i’ve seen the QR codes i though it would be nice to use this on forms/paperwork and other kind of stuff. So at some point i looked into it and it was pretty straightforward. But you can’t just take pictures of your mobile phone with the QR Code. So there must be something online somewhere? Well long story short, there is none. So i took the needed details, whipped a qr-code library around it and https://ideal.bytework.eu/ was born. Since its mostly used in .nl, its in dutch.. but you get the idea. Could create an API for it, but i don’t think that should be my job, this was just for fun to see how it works. Grab the code from https://github.com/riemers/ing-ideal-qr-generator