gather_facts & ansible

Not much is to be said about “gather_facts”, it says don’t gather facts. But what does this exactly mean? When i was looking it up i just thought it might increase speed, which it does!  Only when certain “facts” are needed, you can’t set it to ‘no’. A good indicator is for example a playbook that relies on what type of distribution the system is: ‘Redhat’,’Debian’,’CentOS’ for example. But if you have a playbook that only moves files around or does a deployment that does NOT require these type of facts i would say, disable it! Every option for more speed is always welcome.

To test it out if you need it, simply put “gather_facts: no” in your playbook and run it. If it errors, you know you need it, if  not you ‘could’ remove it, taken into account you do test it properly 🙂