Doorbird in place, with custom front plate.

Doorbird is a nice little gadget i would say that can let you see and hear the people in front of your door. Not only that, you can actually turn on infrared if its too dark although i would have imagined it would auto switch to infrared but it doesn’t (or i am missing some setting, found one but have not seen it actually flip in the night)

It has a extra option that you can open the door, you can use wires or adjust the notifications in the device to send a api request to your device of liking. I prefer the last one because if someone rips this of your wall and you have 2 wires that can open the door, would be kind of silly.

Still use Fibaro at home so i just call my scene that opens the door for me when i press the button, still adjusting the IR motion to trigger the lights in front of the door, that way i don’t need IR turned on since its enough light because of that (and i can trigger the light only when its dark)

Below is an example image, you can see open door, turn on IR or start to talk. I do have the option turn on for confirmation, since if you show this to someone and they go ‘what does this key button do?’ and click on it.. well that is not handy if your not home. Now you get a confirmation. Sadly this confirmation is also for the IR and talk part. I only want a confirmation for the door.

And here a nice picture of my custom made doorbird frame. Looks rather sharp no? 😉

SIP will be in the future, i wonder if some form of SIP will be supported with Fibaro. Although the need is not high since we can use a seperate app but it would be easier to have 1 app do all. We shall see what the future will hold.

There is a topic on the Fibaro Forum on how to integrate the camera, and a device so you can manage the IR and Door, but that is only handy if you need it in a automated way i would say. If your interested to know what it can do API wise, check out the docs about it.